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More than 400 wineries dot the fertile soils of Napa Valley, one of the world’s premier wine regions and famous for its prized Cabernet Sauvignon. Stroll through the vineyards, talk with the winemaker, or sip award-winning wines with dramatic views of the valley floor. Discover wine & food experiences that go beyond the norm when you visit the wineries of Napa Valley. Be sure your Napa vacation includes reclining poolside at a lavish resort, eating at top-rated restaurants, or taking to the skies with a balloon ride. Whatever your pleasure, the result is something understated and exceptional.


Napa — the town, county and valley — is synonymous with world-class wines, dining and lodging. The history, architecture and monetary value of its homes and land have increased dramatically during the last few decades. Founded in 1847, and county seat of Napa County, the city of Napa was once a rough and tumble way-station for California’s “49ers” bound for the Gold Rush. It has been home to tanneries, prune processing and a State Hospital. Previous Napa residents worked mainly blue collar heavy industrial jobs, while today’s workforce is primarily engaged in tourism. The county’s first winery was founded here in 1859.

Napa’s approximately 77,000 year-round residents take pride in the preservation of its past, as is manifest in the town’s Victorian-era homes and historic districts. There is new architecture as well. It’s celebrated on Main Street’s “Restaurant Row.” The town’s Chamber of Commerce likes to say, “Napa is a city with a low crime rate, a high standard of living, clean air and nearly perfect weather.”

Talk with any longtime local and they’re bound to share a story about Napa’s great renaissance;

From a sleepy orchard town to a global food and wine mecca, Napa is visited by millions of people from around the world each year. With a history steeped in culture, diversity, business and agriculture, Napa’s economy continues to thrive. A strong and vibrant downtown scene provides a calendar full of safe, fun and interesting activities unique to the region. From the stages of BottleRock to the magnificent hot air balloon views of the valley (and everything in between), Napa continues to reinvent itself while remaining true to its roots.

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