Merchant & Main Grill & Bar

Once a gathering spot for local folks, Merchant & Main has grown to become a destination for memorable food, exceptional wine and cocktails served in a casual, inviting atmosphere. Merchant & Main is a full-service grill, bar and patio. We have been providing a superb dining experience since our doors opened in 1985. Merchant & Main offers the best in steaks, seafood, and pasta. Our guests also enjoy the variety of our fresh daily specials and happy hour from 3-6pm.

When Bob Tooke opened Merchant & Main Grill & Bar in 1985 in the heart of Vacaville his dream was to open a restaurant that was truly a neighborhood hangout, a cozy dining room where everyone would feel welcome and connected to the town and the area. In addition he wanted to create a family legacy. Almost 30 years later, with Merchant & Main still going strong, the Tooke family has definitely accomplished that!

Bob Tooke, his children Jema and Sam, and his son-in-law Matt are proud of their restaurant – a place where regulars can come to eat every day, a special romantic evening can be planned in restaurant, or you can drop by for Buffalo wings and a beer in the bar. Merchant & Main offers the best of both worlds – you can have a great quiet dinner in the warm, cozy dining place or catch up with your friends and neighbors. No matter where you choose to eat, you will always get the same great service and family welcome!

Housed in a brick building built in 1927, Merchant & Main offers great, fresh food in a beautiful and comfortable setting – all at reasonable prices. All of the menu items are prepared from scratch, using ingredients purchased from local vendors and local produce stands. Have dietary restrictions? Just ask your server – we are happy to accommodate your needs.

One of the best things about working at the restaurant is the lifelong friends who have been made and sharing the growth and changes in their lives. After 27 years they have seen countless marriages, parents bringing their children to the restaurant for the first time as infants and then watching those children grow up throughout the years, and finally seeing those same children introduce another generation to Merchant & Main. The staff at Merchant & Main is proud of this legacy and know that this is definitely service and a relationship that you do not find at a chain restaurant!

In addition, the family and restaurant are proud to support their local community, sponsoring the local ‘Irene Larson Golf Tournament’, participating in the Northbay Hospice Jubilee and giving back to the local schools with the SCRIP program.

When you come to Merchant & Main, we want you to feel like family. Come often enough and your drink will even be waiting on the bar before you can find your seat!  At “The Main” you will always be welcomed!

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