Girl on the Hill

High atop Mount Vaca on the border of California’s Napa and Solano Counties, Denise Revel (aka Girl on the Hill) grows Malbec grapes and lavender at just under 3,000′, making it the highest elevation in Solano county.

Influenced by her family’s French heritage and San Francisco upbringing, she works with the rhythms of the area’s natural microclimates to grow over 4,000 Grosso and Provence lavender plants; prized for their incredible beauty and scent. Naturally grown, the lavender is planted, tended, harvested, dried and cleaned in small batches by “the girl”.

She lovingly tends to her naturally grown lavender plants in order to create one-of-a-kind eye pillows, dream pillows and sachets filled with the fragrant dried flowers of this miraculous plant. Additionally, she produces lavender room spray, lavender water, 100% essential oil, hand cream, lip balm, aromatherapy roll on and irresistible fresh lavender bundles and wreaths from 10″-36″; great for a special event or to hang on your front door.

You can find Girl on the Hill by following my event page and find my products locally by checking the shop page. Also inquire about a lavender tour by appointment only during June.

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