Field and Pond

Field & Pond is the retreat of all retreats. This 80-acre compound boasts bold California countryside, with sweeping views of lush meadows, orchards, a vast pond, and rolling hills. Sunsets are soul-inspiring, and the seclusion of it all makes it perfect for reflecting and reconnecting with the elements that reaffirm life and enrich purpose.

<p>Founded in 1882 by William Cannedy, this ranch is one of the original cornerstones of the Sacramento Valley. Among many of the historical structures on this homestead, the Main Lodge, which is a 1910 California Craftsman, is an archeological gem. It features original woodwork, intimate parlors, and architecture reminiscent of the prosperity of the California Gold Rush era.

<p>Home to a plethora of wildlife species, Field & Pond is a nature reserve. While there is active farming at Field & Pond, and in the surrounding area, which has a ‘Right to Farm Ordinance’ deeming agricultural traffic and cultivation a priority and focus, our philosophy is to cultivate, maintain and protect a natural balance with the existing ecosystem and habitat of our reserve, as well as with the local farmworkers of the area. Whether this be through designating key habitat protection areas on our grounds or simply asking our guests to yield the right of way on the road to passing farm vehicles, we endeavor to work with and appreciate the incumbent conditions of the area in which this beautifully private and exclusive ranch is located. Visitors can come and dwell within this oasis and marvel in the rural beauty and wildlife that exist here.

“On earth, there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it

-Jules Renard

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