Do the in-laws and their brood stay at your home for the holidays? Do long-time friends drive up with their kids to visit you on occasion? Having a bunch of overnight guests can make even a large home seem small and crowded, causing you to freak out about where to stow everyone for the night. But don’t panic: Try these four tips for sleeping more visitors in your home.

Screened-off corners. So you put a cot in the office—now what? The answer is a privacy screen. A privacy screen can corner off sleeping spaces to help up the cozy ante, as well as keep your existing space functional.

Skinny sleeper sofa. When most of us hear the term “sleeper sofa,” we think of grandma’s bulky guest bedding of yore. However, there are many twin-size sleeper sofa options that could fit nicely in the living room, den or even in the corner of the guest bedroom. No year-round guests? No worries. These make great reading nooks in the off season.

Bunk it out. Want to make the most of that guest bedroom? Try bunk beds. Wait, wait–don’t cringe! There are many attractive bunk bed options available that won’t remind you of summer camp. And who says bunk beds need to be for kids? Many companies make queen-size bunk options. If you don’t have a guest room, try placing bunk beds in a less-trafficked room, such as the office or den. Want to hide the bunks from day-to-day activities? Add an intimate curtain or—if your budget allows—a sliding barn door, which will add discretion and make guests feel like they’ve got their own sleeping fort.

Alternative couches. The futon isn’t the only couch with slumber-party capabilities. You could swap one of your couches for a day bed equipped with a trundle bed, or look for a large sectional big enough to sleep one or more.

So, the next time you expect overnight guests and worry about where to sleep them all, take a deep breath and consider a trip to the furniture store. By using these tips, you and your visitors will be more comfortable in your home.

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